Friday, January 17, 2014

Tapeworm - Break My Face

Connecticutian punkers.

Break My Face.
The lone work from this troupe, recorded 1978. This upload even has the "bonus track" Fuzz Bassolo, a very understimulating work compared to these other hard rocking songs.

B R E A K M Y F A C E . . . T A P E W O R M

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  1. fuzzbassolo is only on the master tapes and not on anything anyone has listened to. i believe what the author is referring to is the intro to blues for an insurance salesman where we all played instruments we didn't know how to play. this song was an ode to charles ives the atonal classical composer.

  2. I have an actual 45rpm record, Break My Face/I Wanna Die.
    Copyright 1978 by Tom Flynn
    Fuzz Box Flynn, Composer, Guitar
    Vocals; Macho Lead Vocal Beady - vocals, bass; Jason Weinberg - Drums

    Side 2 has "Blues For An Insurance Salesman" Copyright 1978 by Brian Beattie